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The Spirit of Seven 

After 7/7 brings tragedy, Bea must learn to live again, thrown onto a path she did not choose without her wonderful Matt.  Renovating a chapel on her own was not part of the deal, but along the way, she meets Jock, who quickly becomes her rock.  In a life running parallel to hers, builder Finn Morgan is thrown into turmoil and shrouded with grief.  Will either find happiness again?  Happiness comes in the form of a meddling old Scot in a tale of love and loss, pain and healing, with a truly spine-tingling revelation.  Seven will never mean the same again.  A gripping but fun read perfect for the beach this summer.

Available as a paperback or Kindle edition 


Meditation for Kids

A plain English guide to meditation for kids from 8 plus... Learn to meditate and calm the mind, enjoy relaxing and escape the world when things get scary or you have just had enough


Available as a paperback or Kindle edition