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The Spirit of Seven

After 7/7 brings tragedy, Bea must learn to live again, thrown onto a path she did not choose without her wonderful Matt.  Renovating a chapel on her own was not part of the deal, but along the way, she meets Jock, who quickly becomes her rock.  In a life running parallel to hers, builder Finn Morgan is thrown into turmoil and shrouded with grief.  Will either find happiness again?  Happiness comes in the form of a meddling old Scot in a tale of love and loss, pain and healing, with a truly spine-tingling revelation. 

Meditation for Kids

A plain English guide to meditation for kids from 8 plus... Learn to meditate and calm the mind, enjoy relaxing and escape the world when things get scary or you have just had enough. From age 6 and up this is a really great way to introduce your children to meditation. Older kids can work their way through the book alone, younger kids will need you to help and guide them. Meditation lowers stress and enhances coping mechanisms giving the a happier and more peaceful life.

Spirit of Christmas Past

When the holiday of a lifetime turns to tragedy, Caragh fears her life will never be the same again. Her beloved James is missing, she has to learn to live all over again. With the help of her nurse Elspeth, and her new friend Callum, slowly she begins to rebuild. However, not everyone is who they seem, and she fears she will be alone forever....until Christmas brings with it some unexpected magic. The perfect seasonal read that comes with a spine tingling twist, laughter and tears. A must read 

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About Anna

100% Storyteller, 90% talent, 10% Coffee

Even as a young child Anna would conjure up stories with her imagination, sharing them with anyone who would listen. She's developed her storytelling and writing quite a bit since then, but the thrill of language and creation she first discovered as a child has never gone away.

She has been writing professionally since 2000 and has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Anna is also available to hire for writing, proofreading and voice over work

Get in touch if you’ve got any comments, questions, suggestions, or just want to say hello. Anna would be more than happy to hear from you.


Paranormal Romance

Finding love beyond the grave 

Gentle and fun, perfect for the beach or a cold night in front of a fire wrapped in your favourite blanket with a glass of wine. Our protagonists find love often with a little help from beyond the grave.



Adventures with all creatures imagined, not real

From dark adult vampires only suitable for an older audience to fun and exciting romps with woodland creatures suitable for a younger audience and adults alike. Anna likes to send her imagination to it's deepest depth and create characters that are loved by all who meet them, while some are dreaded and feared.

Yoga at Home

Alternative Therapies

Meditation, Yoga, Crystals and More

Anna is a qualified holistic therapist and life coach. Her passions include yoga, meditation, mindfulness and more. She lives an alternative life and is a fan of barefoot walking and grounding.


"Writing is the geometry of the soul"


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